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The University courses take place in three separate buildings, all of which are closely situated so the flow of education is not disrupted. Moreover, each of the three buildings has its own historical significance.


Main Education Building
Vas utca 2/c. Budapest 1088


The Rector’s Office and the Finance and Registry management offices can be found here. The upper floors (IV-VIII.) are reserved for the dormitory. The entrance of the University’s main theatre space, Ódry Stage, is in the hall of this building.


It was built from 1942 to 1944 based on the architect Lajos Várady-Szabó’s design. Originally, it was the headquarters of the National Alliance of Christian Youth and it housed the Church of Protestant Garrison.

The College of Theatre and Film (Színművészeti Főiskola), the predecessor of today’s University, took possession of the building in 1951. Ódry Stage was constructed from 1957 to 1958 in the space of the defunct garrison church.


The Film and Television Main Department Education Building
Szentkirályiutca 32/a Budapest 1088


The Szentkirályi street palace was built for Count Gyula Károlyi’s wife in 1897. After some modifications the building became the Károly family's favorite dwelling. Count József Károlyi’s wife was hiding Lajos Zilahy (the famous writer) and Albert Szentgyörgyi (the famous physiologist) here during World War II. Following the war, the Society for Hungarian-Russian Friendship occupied the building.

Following an overall reconstruction in 1971-72 this grand mansion of the upper-middle class was transformed into a space for education. The film department of the College of Theatre and Film (later University) moved into the building in 1975.


The Theatre Main Department Education Building
Rákóczy út 21 Budapest 1088


The URÁNIA building, a characteristic historical landmark of Budapest, was built according to the plans of Henrik Schmahl in 1895.


The upper floors (II-VI.) have served the purposes of education for theatre actors and directors from the very beginning. Previous operators of this building include the National Hungarian Royal Academy of Drama and the College of Theatre and Film. Today the building holds rehearsal rooms as well as music and dance classrooms for the Theatre Main Department.

Uránia was once a nightclub, a theatre, and finally in the 20s, a cinema. The first Hungarian motion picture was screened here.

It is an extra point of interest that the film titled “The Dance” was shot on the roof terrace of the Uránia building.

The original design of the auditorium of the Uránia movie theatre has been retained, with the exception of some reconstructive works in 2000-2002. At this time, the lower section of the building (the basement, ground floor and first floor where the Uránia National Film Theatre is now) was redesigned and given new functions.



We shall use the support in the framework of the project titled “Knowledge Depot of the University of Theatre and Film Arts – User-friendly Expansion in the Library of the University of Theatre and Film Arts”. The project is realised with the support of the European Union and the co-financing of the European Social Fund.


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