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Student database

Student's name Class
Z. Szabó László Sándor Dramaturgy-Drama Theory (former, distance learning) (1971-1974)
Zabezsinszkij Éva Film Script Editing (2007-2012)
Zachariev Eduárd Directing Film (former) (1956-1960)
Zádor Gyöngyi Acting (former, 3-year course) (1935-1938)
Zádor Ilona Acting (former, 3-year course) (1908-1911)
Zádori Ferenc Film and Television Cinematographer (former 4-year course) (1970-1974)
Zágoni Nóra Színházi rendezőasszisztens (2013-2015)
Zágoni Zsolt Acting (former) (1976-1980)
Zahler Erzsi Acting (former, 3-year course) (1922-1924)
Zakál Edit Directing Film and Television (former) (1998-2003)
Zákonyi Sándor Tamás Production Manager (former, evening course) (1990-1993)
Zala Karola Acting (former, 3-year course) (1904-1907)
Zala Márk Acting (former) (1967-1971)
Zámbori Soma Acting (former) (1998-2002)
Zámori László Acting (former, 3-year course) (1941-1944)
Zanathy Boriska Acting (former, 3-year course) (1927-1930)
Zányi Tamás Sound Editing (former) (1995-1998)
Zátony Kálmán Acting (former, 3-year course) (1904-1907)
Zayzon Gabriella Acting (former, 3-year course) (1932-1935)
Zeck Julianna Acting (former) (2001-2005)
Zelinka Ilona Acting (former, 3-year course) (1895-1898)
Zentai Anna Acting (former) (1942-1946)
Zentai Lilla Acting in Operetta and Musical (former, evening course) (1983-1986)
Zentay László Cameraman (former, evening, cross-semester course) (1976-1979)
Zilahy Pál Acting (former, 3-year course) (1912-1915)
Zillich Beatrix Acting (former) (1978-1982)
Zitás Bertalan Acting (former, 3-year course) (1910-1913)
Ződi Imre Drama Theory (former, distance learning) (1974-1977)
Zöld Csaba Acting in Operetta and Musical (former) (2001-2005)
Zöld Zsófia Film Editing (former, evening course) (1968-1971)

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