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Student database

Student's name Class
Wachtel Irma Opera Singer (former) (1876-1881)
Wágner Tamás Broadcast Director (former) (1999-2002)
Walch (Erdei) Vilmos Opera Singer (former) (1875-1878)
Walla Ervin TV Broadcast Director (former, evening, cross-semester course) (1998-2001)
Walla Júlia Drama in Education (distance learning) (2005-2007)
Wallinger Endre Drama Theory (former, distance learning) (1974-1977)
Wéber Géza Production Manager (former, evening course) (1981-1984)
Wéber Kata Acting (former) (1998-2002)
Wéber Krisztina Drama in Education (distance learning) (2005-2007)
Wégner Judit Acting in Operetta and Musical (former) (2001-2005)
Weil Róbert Acting in Operetta and Musical (former, evening course) (1989-1993)
Wein Margit Opera Singer (former) (1876-1881)
Weisz Piroska Acting (former, 3-year course) (1910-1913)
Widder Kristóf Stage Directing - Choreographer-Director for Physical Theatre (2009-2014)
Wigand Janka Acting (former, 3-year course) (1912-1915)
Wilkuna Osmo-Anterv Film and Television Cinematographer (former 4-year course) (1978-1982)
Wisinger János TV Broadcast Director-Editor (former) (1996-1999)
Witt Olga Acting (former, 3-year course) (1894-1897)
Wladyczanski Mihály Drama in Education (distance learning) (2007-2009)
Wohlmuth István Acting (former) (1978-1982)
Wolcsinszky Natália Dramatic Actor (former) (1889-1893)
Wonke Rezső Cameraman (former, evening, cross-semester course) (1985-1988)
Wunderlich József Acting - Musical Actor (2008-2013)
Wünsch László Dance Pedagogy (former) (1950-1954)

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