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Student database

Student's name Class
M. Kecskés András Stage Director (former) (2000-2003)
Maár Gyula Directing Film and Television (former 4-year course) (1964-1968)
Macher Szilárd Choreographer (former, distance learing) (2005-2007)
Mácsai Annamária Drama in Education (distance learning) (2004-2006)
Mácsai Bálint Motion Picture Studies - Motion Picture Editor (2008-2011)
Mácsai Pál Acting (former) (1980-1984)
Stage Directing (former, complimentary course) (1987-1990)
Macskássy Kati Film Editing (former, evening course) (1967-1970)
Mádai Vivien Television Production (2009-2012)
Madarász Márton Acting (former, 3-year course) (1902-1905)
Máder Lyda Acting (former, 3-year course) (1903-1906)
Mádl Miklós Motion Picture Studies (former) (2001-2006)
Magács László Stage Director (former) (1987-1992)
Magas Béla Acting (former, 3-year course) (1896-1899)
Magay Gabriella Acting (former, 3-year course) (1904-1907)
Magaziner Mariann Cinematography (former) (1945-1949)
Magda Gabriella Acting (former) (1955-1959)
Magi István Drama Theory (former, distance learning) (1975-1978)
Magócs Nikolett Színházi rendezőasszisztens (2013-2015)
Magyar Bálint Television Production (2009-2012)
Magyar Dezső Film and Television Director-Cinematographer (former) (1965-1969)
Magyar Éva TV Presenter, Director (former) (2001-2006)
Magyar György Színházi rendezőasszisztens (2013-2015)
Magyar Mária Acting in Operetta and Musical (former, evening course) (1974-1977)
Magyar Márton Television Production (2010-2013)
Magyar Péter Béla Production Manager (former, evening course) (1990-1993)
Magyar Tímea Drámainstruktor (2013-2016)
Magyar Tivadar Acting (former) (1981-1985)
Mahrer Emil Directing Film and Television (former 4-year course) (1968-1972)
Majcen Mária Acting (former) (1957-1961)
Májer Zsigmond Acting (former) (1986-1990)

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