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Student database

Student's name Class
Lába I. Szabolcs Cameraman (former, Transylvanian students) (1998-2001)
Labancz Borbála Acting (former) (1950-1954)
Lábas Emma Acting (former, 3-year course) (1906-1909)
Laboda Kornél Theatre Studies (former) (2003-2008)
Stage Director (former) (2006-2011)
Laczina László Stage Director (former) (1959-1964)
Laczkó Mihály Stage Director (former) (1959-1964)
Ladányi Andrea Choreographer (former, ...) (2003-2005)
Ladányi Ferenc Acting (former, 3-year course) (1928-1931)
Ladinek Judit Acting in Operetta and Musical (former) (1993-1997)
Lajer László TV Broadcast Director-Editor (former) (2002-2005)
Directing Film and Television (extra 2-year course) (2005-2007)
Lajos András Acting (former) (2000-2004)
Lajos Sándor Stage Director (former) (2000-2003)
Lajos Vass Drama Theory (former, distance learning) (1988-1991)
Lakatos Iván Cinematography (former) (1957-1961)
Lakatos József Film and Television Director-Cinematographer (former) (1975-1979)
Laklóth Aladár Acting in Operetta and Musical (former, evening course) (1983-1986)
Lakner Klára Acting (former, 3-year course) (1922-1924)
Lakos Nóra Broadcast Director (former) (2004-2007)
Lakos Száva Directing Film and Television (former) (2002-2007)
Lakos Zsuzsanna Katalin Production Manager (2008-2011)
Lám Lina Opera Singer (former) (1866-1869)
Lamanda László Acting on Film (former, evening course) (1977-1980)
Lánczy Ilka Dramatic Actor (former) (1876-1879)
Lánczy Margit Acting (former, 3-year course) (1912-1915)
Lándori Ludmilla Dramatic Actor (former) (1885-1889)
Lang Györgyi Acting (former) (1977-1981)
Láng József Acting (former) (1953-1957)
Lángh Ilona Dramatic Actor (former) (1889-1892)
Lantos Zoltán Acting (former, 3-year course) (1920-1923)
Lányi Ágnes Acting (former, 3-year course) (1938-1941)

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