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Student database

Student's name Class
Drama in Education (distance learning) (2007-2009)
Acting (former) (2000-2004)
Stage Director (former) (2000-2003)
Abonyi Antal Cinematography (former) (1957-1961)
Abonyi Géza Acting (former, 3-year course) (1912-1915)
Abonyi Tivadar Acting (former, 3-year course) (1904-1907)
Ábrahám Edit Acting (former) (1977-1981)
Ábrahám István Acting (former) (1964-1968)
Ábray Aranka Dramatic Actor (former) (1888-1892)
Achs Károly Drama in Education (distance learning) (1991-1994)
Ács János Stage Director (former) (1975-1980)
Ács Norbert Acting - Puppeteering (former) (2000-2004)
Aczél Ilona Acting (former, 3-year course) (1902-1905)
Ádám Ottó Stage Director (former) (1948-1952)
Adámi Piroska Dramatic Actor (former) (1874-1877)
Adamovits Matild Dramatic Actor (former) (1865-1868)
Adilla El-Adly Television Production (2013-2016)
Adorján Berta Dramatic Actor (former) (1879-1883)
Adorján Irma Acting (former, 3-year course) (1894-1897)
Adorjáni Bálint Acting (former) (2004-2008)
Adriányi Ilona Acting (former, 3-year course) (1926-1929)
Agárdy Ilona Acting (former) (1959-1963)
Ághy Erzsi Acting (former, 3-year course) (1912-1915)
Ágnes Grünvalszky Motion Picture Studies - Motion Picture Editor (2013-2016)
Ágoston András Cameraman (former, evening, cross-semester course) (1985-1988)
Ágoston Gábor Cameraman (former, evening, cross-semester course) (1985-1988)
Ágoston Péter Acting - Musical Actor (2008-2013)
Akar Péter Motion Picture Studies (former) (2004-2009)
Ákos Nyoszoli Cameraman Studies (2013-2016)
Álanyi Hajnalka Acting (former, 3-year course) (1899-1902)

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