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Complete course database

Years of course Name of course Degree Course Department
2015/2016/2-2017 Színész
2003/2004/1-2009 Musical Actor (former)
1995/1996/1-2008 Theatre Studies (former)
1948/1949/1-2007 Stage Director (former)
1968/1969/1-2007 Broadcast Director (former)
1942/1943/1-2006 Acting (former)
1993/1994/1-2006 TV Presenter, Director (former)
1989/1990/1-2005 Acting in Operetta and Musical (former)
1975/1976/2-2004 TV Broadcast Director (former, evening, cross-semester course)
1996/1997/1-2001 Motion Picture Studies (former)
1974/1975/1-2000 Drama Theory (former, distance learning)
1951/1952/1-1997 Dramaturgy (former) Művészetelméleti
1994/1995/1-1997 Drama Theory - Drama in Education (former, distance learning)
1975/1976/1-1993 Production Manager (former, evening course)
1979/1980/1-1993 Stage Directing (former, complimentary course)
1972/1973/1-1993 Acting in Operetta and Musical (former, evening course)
1988/1989/1-1992 Motion Picture Theory (former)
1988/1989/1-1992 TV Cinematographer (former)
1977/1978/1-1992 TV Programme Editor, Director (former)
1988/1989/1-1991 Video Director (former, evening course)
1988/1989/1-1991 Video Cinematographer (former, evening course)
1985/1986/1-1991 Film and Television Cinematographer (former, college course)
2013/2014/1-1988 Dramaturg (former, 4-year course)
1967/1968/1-1988 Film Editing (former, evening course)
1982/1983/1-1985 Drama Theory - Dramaturgy (former, evening course)
1969/1970/1-1984 Stage Directing (former, 4-year course)
1977/1978/1-1980 Acting on Film (former, evening course)
1974/1975/2-1979 Film and Television Director-Cinematographer (former)
1971/1972/1-1974 Dramaturgy-Drama Theory (former, distance learning)
1971/1972/1-1974 TV Assistant, Broadcast Director (former, evening course)

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